Macaroni and Cheese, Please


The two little boys were playing with their toys
when suddenly deep from the depths of their tummy there came
a tumbling, rumbling, roaring sound they could not name
they looked around and around, but no one did they see
looking down they each exclaimed “Oh how can it be, it’s me!”
The hungry sound echoed from their head to their knees
and roared, Macaroni and Cheese, please.

They ran to the kitchen and in unison cried
Mommy, Mommy something is rumbling inside.
Mommy ran to her two little boys
and suddenly she too heard the noise.
The rumble, the grumble, and the roar
was a sound she had heard before.
The tummy voice from their head to their knees
once again cried “Macaroni and Cheese, please.”

She ran to her cupboard and threw open the door.
“Oh no” she exclaimed, “I haven’t anymore.”
not a single box was on the shelf.
Someone had eaten the last of her store.
But, the voice deep from within called once again
“I really need, Macaroni and Cheese, please.”

Everyone began to weep and wail.
Just then Daddy exclaimed “Guess what I found in the mail?
It’s a letter from Miss Sylvia for Matthew and Reese.”
Suddenly all the crying ceased.
It was a special invitation to come to her house to play with toys,
color and draw, have fun and make noise
and kindly join her for some Macaroni and Cheese, please.

Mommy smiled and the boys were very, very happy.
Now they could go back to their fun and play.
For everyone knew that the rumbly-tumbly voice would be appeased.
Daddy hurried to the phone to call Miss Sylvia to say,
“Yes, we all will be happy to join you today for
Macaroni and Cheese, please.”

For my friends
Reese, Matthew, Sandi, and Mark

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