Cooper Goes to the Bank

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Today, I, Cooper Meek, am a man on a mission. I left my house full of the usual angst and unknown dread. As I am walking down the street, I can feel the people looking at me, but I know they don’t understand me. I walk by them, and they are always wanting to engage...Read More

The Letters (1926-1929)

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It was a simple white clapboard house sitting on the highest hill overlooking the small German American community. To reach it, a visitor had to drive off the main road a quarter mile down a white chalk gravel road. The home was constructed facing east to west to avoid the harsh north winds that would...Read More

Macaroni and Cheese, Please

The two little boys were playing with their toyswhen suddenly deep from the depths of their tummy there camea tumbling, rumbling, roaring sound they could not namethey looked around and around, but no one did they seelooking down they each exclaimed “Oh how can it be, it’s me!”The hungry sound echoed from their head to...Read More
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